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Come and see Eversfield farm for yourself.

Eversfield is a family run farm. It nestles deep in the heart of the Devon countryside on the edge of Dartmoor. We have a state of the art fully EU licensed, Soil Association, SALSA and FSA approved butchery. This ensures that the 'Eversfield quality' is maintained throughout the process;from farming the organic livestock through to hanging the meat onsite to develop the flavour, then the all important skilled butchery and finally the packaging and shipping of our customers orders.

Under the aegis of the countryside stewardship scheme we began work on a long-term program to restore the traditional landscape. We have replanted all the orchards and miles of hedgerows have been re-established; the woods have been cleared of their scrubby undergrowth and 30,000 new trees have been planted.

Quality Assurance at Eversfield Organic

We farm along with a select few local farmers all the organic beef, pork, lamb to ensure it is done to the highest quality with the wild game coming off the farm. We have carefully selected our poultry farm to ensure it is up to our high standards. All our animals live outside, with the cows and lambs eating the luscious organic grass which is extremely important as they are all grass fed and not finished off on any grains or cereals. Ensuring a high omega 3 content. The taste of the meat is determined by the quality of the animal's life and diet.

We hang the lamb and pork for 1 week and the beef for a minimum of 28 days in our butchery to ensure the meat is tender and has the best flavor. Our butcher uses traditional hand tools and skills to produce the various cuts of meat oven cook ready.

Animal Health and Welfare at Eversfield Organic

Eversfield Organic is the home to our award winning organic farm. The quality and taste is carried from our Devon fields to your plate creating the most convenient way to enjoy tasty succulent meat which is produced to the highest animal welfare standards certified by the Soil Association. To ensure that Eversfield Organics quality is maintained the beef, pork, lamb is farmed by the family and other local farmers carefully selected by our family and the wild venison coming off the farm. Through to hanging the meat onsite to develop the flavor, then the all important skilled butchery and finally the packaging and shipping of the customer's orders straight from the farm.

Eversfield Organic's Mark Bury on the Pasture Fed Livestock Association

Mark Bury, Director of the family run organic meat business Eversfield Organic (http://www.eversfieldorganic.co.uk) explains the reasons why we should be eating pasture fed meat.

Mark also explains the role and ethos of the PFLA (Pasture Fed Livestock Association - http://www.pfla.org.uk/), an organisation which has been running for the past 5-6 years and certifies businesses which produce and sell meat which is 100% grass fed for its entire life.

The PFLA is made up of a group of individuals with extensive knowledge about how to manage soils and pasture effectively to grass feed cattle and sheep for life without needing to turn to unnatural foods to ‘finish’ livestock. As well as offering official certification to businesses producing or selling 100% grass fed meat, they also offer support and advice to farming organisations looking to fulfil this action.

Certification from the PFLA distinguishes between meat which was 100% grass fed and meat from livestock which was grass fed but finished off on grains.

Mark explains how farmers often follow the latter option, believing this to be profitable as the livestock gains weight quicker meaning that it can be taken to slaughter faster, allowing the farming organisation to turn over a larger number of livestock. In actual fact grain feeding cattle can compromise their health and welfare (their rumen is not designed to digest grains). Feeding them an unnatural diet of grains interferes with their natural development and causes them to develop unnaturally. Furthermore, this leaves consumers with meat which is not packed with a number of nutritional values such as omega-3 which can be acquired through a pasture rich diet of grasses, leaves and clover.

Eversfield Organic are certified by the PFLA and have always fed their cattle and lambs a diet which does not involve the use of any supplementary grains.

Organic Vegetable Boxes

Local, seasonal, award winning organic vegetable boxes now available for delivery.

Vegetables picked from the field on the day they are dispatched to you!

Organic Grass Fed Lamb Paleo Friendly

This video explains why lamb from Eversfield Organic is so special because, unlike most others, it is BOTH 100% organic - certified by the Soil Association - and grass fed for life - certified by the Pasture Fed Livestock Association.

Being organic means our lamb is both higher quality and healthier for the consumer, involves better welfare for our animals and makes use of more sustainable approaches to farming for the environment.

Eversfield Organic is now supplying Whole Foods Market

Eversfield Organic have recently started to supply their delicious organic meat to Whole Foods Market (http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/).

Here you can watch a video which will be appearing in their stores alongside Eversfield Organic’s products.

In this video, come one step closer to Eversfield Organic. The video is filmed around the family farm which is situated in West Devon overlooking Dartmoor.

Mark, Hamish and Anna Bury explain some of the reasons why eating 100 % grass fed, organic meat is a great choice as this not only impacts positively on our health, but also on the welfare of the animals as well as the environment.

Eversfield Organic Farming Today

In the last of the series about family farms, farming today visited us here at Eversfield because they wanted to talk to a 'new farm' which was only established a decade ago, and now employing two generations.

Our awards

Eversfield Organic Good Chicken Award Compassion in World Farming
Eversfield Organic, Meat Boxes, Monthly Delivery, Home Delivery, Lamb, Steak
Eversfield Organic, meat box delivery, monthly meat box, quality meat, wild game
Eversfield Organic Food and Drink Devon Gold Award 2012- Meat delivered to your
Great Taste Awards Gold
Eversfield Organic Taste of the West Gold Award 2015
2015 Food and Drink Devon - Silver Award - Beef Steak Mince and Lamb Loin Chops
2015 Food and Drink Devon - Gold Award - Rib Eye Steak
2016 TOTW Highly Commended - Organic Unsmoked Back Bacon
2016 TOTW Silver - Organic Chicken Breast Boneless and Skinless
Taste of The West 2016 - Gold Award - Lamb Loin Chops and Beef Sirloin Steaks
BOOM Awards 2016 Winner - Rib Eye Steak

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