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Delighted Customers

We have had some incredible feedback from our customers over the years and we really appreciate your comments. Here’s what some of our delighted customers have to say…

The organic vegetables are the best I have had since moving to England from Greece! Anita, January 2016

I've just placed my second order with you as I was so impressed with my first.

I had been feeling very unsure about feeding my family meat from the supermarket for a while, and had almost become vegetarian myself. However it's been very difficult trying to come up with meat-free healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy so I'm SO glad I've found a company that has values similar to my own!

That you care for your animals, feed them what they ought to be eating and give them the sort of lives they should be living. It really reduces any guilt I feel when I feed my children organic meat from your farm as I know they aren't ingesting god-knows what chemicals from animals that have suffered appalling lives.

So thank you for making our mealtimes stress free, tasty and fun again! Well done to all of you on achieving all that you have. I've loved reading about everything you have given back to the land, all the trees you've planted, the orchards etc. What would really be nice is if there were some pictures to show all of this so customers like myself who love nature can have a good nosey!Keep up the good work! Anita - January 2016.

Having used Eversfield for a good few months now, i can safely say that wouldn't source meat elsewhere, the taste is unrivalled !! I have quite a limited diet and rely on the best quality produce. Eversfield Organic have managed to combine the supply of pastured for life certified lamb and beef, whilst achieving arguably better delivery arrangements than a big supermarket. All of this is combined with a top quality website and a first class customer service team; essential if you don't have access to a farmers market. I rarely write feedback, but felt compelled to offer this review so others can enjoy the same quality. Nick, October 2015

Hi I placed an order with you last month and just wanted to say how delighted I am with my purchase the quality of the meat is fantastic the sausages are the best I have ever tasted, luckily I have an extremely big freezer as I live on the Isle of Wight so its far more efficient to order more at a time.I find your website very easy to navigate and a pleasure to shop at as the whole process is very straight forward.I really like that I am able to choose the meat for my order, I'm very grateful to you for offering this service to the Isle of Wight as we do not have an organic farm here Many thanks Mrs Bailey - September 2015

As a new customer congratulations on having a user friendly site, friendly wording and a system that is simple and works.Yesterday I balled with My Waitrose which was a nightmare. They could learn from your team. It took a long phone call to their customer service to resolved what should have been simple but was made hugely complex. Well done! - Susan, September 2015

I would just like to thank you for my recent delivery, it was the first that I had purchased for myself. I had a couple of friends to dinner on Saturday evening and cooked the lamb noisette joint, it was really tender and very tasty, there were compliments from everyone. So thank you once again. Mary, May 2015

Just received my order today, and thanks again for always being on time. We also appreciate the great packaging of our meats. But ohhhh myyy what can I say about the scrumptious venison sausages, we had them fresh and are always pleased with the 'no fat' residue in the pan after cooking them.Thanks you Eversfield for the quality of your meat, chicken and your excellent service! Alia, April 2015

Eversfield Organic Cheese is one of a kind. The type of which is hard to find. Not for me the cheap imitation, I like quality on every occasion. Creamy, flavoursome and rather yummy. Oh what a taste to fill my tummy. Eversfield Organic has passed the test. Buy it now - it is the best! Kind regards Joanna, March 2015

I wanted to let you know what splendid produce we enjoyed, from you over the Christmas holiday. Everything was really flavoursome and tender. The gammon joint I cooked (using an old Robert Carrier recipe) my father (96 years old) said it was the best he had ever tasted. So a big thank-you, I shall be coming to you again. with best wishes Jacky, February 2015

Thank you for our meat order which arrived safely, and for the free meat from the New Year offer.I regard £20 worth of organic, pasture-fed, humanely raised meat as an absolute treasure. Thank you.x Pen, February 2015

I am THRILLED that you now do organic unhomogenised milk and organic cream! So happy! I just want to think more about what I want next time. I cannot praise your produce highly enough. Please do organic goat's cheese one day. Best wishes, Tessa, January 2015

Dear Anna, By the way; we think your meats are great! The goose and rib we had a few weeks back were superb. Thank you to Mark for sorting the goose out at short notice that time. Best Regards, Martin, January 2015.

I would like to thank you, I purchased some venison at Christmas as part of a gift to my sister and brother-in-law - they have been absolutely delighted with what they have had so far. So thank you once again. Ms Lunn, January 2015

I would like to say a big thank you for the prize of the gammon joint, which I won in the Devon Life draw. It travelled to Scotland with us to be enjoyed by all our family who commented on how tender the meat was. My husband has been a renal patient for some time now and unable to work so this win came at a good time for us and couldn't have been more appreciated. Thank you. Julia, January 2015

I just wanted to say thank you so much for delivering our delicious gammon and turkey on time. Long may farms like you continue to provide quality meat.Best wishes for 2015. Nicky, January 2015.

Good Afternoon, The beef arrived as advertised on the day stated and we were very impressed by the cold packaging. It was absolutely delicious; thank you very much. Regards, Richard and Olya, January 2015

Dear Anna. I also wanted to feed back to you how thrilled we were with our Christmas order - the meat was superb! Many thanks and best wishes, Frances, January 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, Just wanted to say a very big thank you for our venison. The best I have ever bought. Very tender and had that lovely subtle venison taste. Everyone at the table - all 8 of us - said it was delicious. Thank you, Jill, December 2014.

I meant to email sooner after Thanksgiving to let you know we all agreed that was the best organic turkey we've ever had. Cooked and carved beautifully and tasted excellent. Even the little one enjoyed the leftovers. Thanks Geoff, December 2014.

Just a quick note to say thank you to Mark for following up on my phone call on Friday evening regarding the delivery of my order. My phone battery went dead after we spoke but I got the voice message. The courier delivered the order just after we spoke (at around 6.10pm). The organic fillet, was as ever, delicious !! Thank you for such prompt and courteous customer service. Kind regards Kate, December 2014.

Just a quick note to say how delicious our recent delivery was. The bacon was incredible no shrinking no salty water coming off during cooking.We slow cooked the shin of beef and it was terrific. We will be back for more. Keep up the good work. Dermot and Angelica, December 2014.

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the amazing quality and taste of your meat, but I am sure you know that already. Also, I have NEVER had potatoes that lasts as long as the ones I ordered from you! Karien, October 2014.

Dear Hamish, I have now finished the back bacon which I purchased from you and wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed it. So much so, I've reordered! We are really savouring the meat we receive from you. Kind regards, Karen C, November 2014.

Hi I received my order this morning bright and early and I just had to message you! Your products are awesome the quality of meat it second to none I was so impressed with everything I had a huge grin on my face from ear to ear (I take the quality of the meat I eat very seriously and buying from supermarkets frustrates me so much) as I was portioning it all out ready for the freezer. You have a firm and regular new customer in me and I will be recommending you to everyone of my clients (I am a PT so I have a fair few health continue individuals on my side). Thank you so much for being in business and offering such a huge array of quality meat :0) Sincerely one very happy customer. Marc H, October 2014.

My first order arrived today and I am very pleased. The meat all looks wonderful, proper cuts and a "real" colour. I am sure my 7 year old carnivore son will be very impressed, and my husband will expect me to get cooking as soon as possible. The vegetable box is also excellent. It is very generous and so fresh. Unless you grow your own and really know the smell of a freshly-picked carrot I don't think you can appreciate just how good the produce in the box is. Corinne L, June 2014.

Just have to say thank you so much once again for the fabulous meat and veg. I am in my element with the veg box this week!!! It has got to be the best ever!! Please please pass my thanks on to Martyn and his team. He has made me VERY happy!! Susan H, May 2014.

Hoping to order more meat from next time as my pup will be soon on home made meals and will appreciate organic as much as we do!

The organic vegetable box was glorious last week and the salad stuff that is coming through and the broad beans were to die for!! My late Dad would have been most impressed with those! Many thanks and take care. Susan H, May 2014.

Since I decided to make the homemade bone broth I faced the challenge to find the right supplier of the grass fed beef bones and pastured pork bones. I can tell you there is not many companies, which sell beef marrow bones, beef stock bones or pork stock bones in a quality I required. I simultaneously placed orders with you and one other. After receiving both I have to say that you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of your competition!!! :) Basically it's incomparable. The goods you sent are much better quality, I received what I asked for, perfect customer service as I initially struggled to get the payment approved. Excellent. I'm looking forward to do [sic] the business with you again in the future. Regards Tomas K, January 2014.

I'm emailing to thank you so much for the best turkey we have ever had this Christmas! We are so impressed by the ordering and delivery service, which was faultless. When it arrived I could tell that the turkey was special, and it proved to be so. It was tender and tasty, and fantastic value for money. Thank you Eversfield, we will be back for more! Paula M, January 2014.

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the beef rib joint you provided for our Christmas dinner. It was AWESOME. Afterwards, we all sat there slightly lost for words. Paul S, January 2014.

I am sorry this is so late to say a very big thank you for the delicious venison fillet. It was extremely well received at Christmas. Please put me on your mailing list. Wishing you all a wonderful 2014. Jane B, January 2014.

A big thank-you for your brilliant customer service, much appreciated. The venison loin was superb quality & enjoyed by many. Happy Christmas & thank-you again. Becci C, December 2013.

I just wanted to say that I was really impressed with my recent order. It was my first time ordering from you - I've been looking for high-quality organic meat and stock bones for quite a while, and was delighted with the value for money your products represent. Made a lovely chicken stock last night, and lamb rib curry! I look forward to ordering from you again in the future-keep up the good work! Rachel D, December 2013.

The chicken I bought from you a couple of years ago was one of the most utterly delicious things I have ever eaten! Steve, November 2013.

Just a quick email to thank Eversfield Organic for the yet [sic] another superb meat box, in particular the lamb shoulder on the bone cut. We found this to be immensely succulent, bursting with flavour and unbelievably tender. Your fine meats are always very much appreciated in this household. Many thanks and much gratitude. Leigh, July 2013.

Hi, just wanted to let you know that our order placed with you was delivered and exceeded our expectations in every way. Mr Thorne, March 2013.

On behalf of my family, I would like to extend our enormous gratitude for the standard of the service you supply, as well as the quality of the meat and the way in which your animals are reared on their natural foods and with freedom to roam. Without a hint of hyperbole, Eversfield is a shining example of compassionate organic farming. We are pointing everybody we know your direction. Michael, December 2012.

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of my order of haunch of venison which was duly delivered today. What a beautiful box, I was delighted to bits. Venison in freezer, box kept to show our son when he comes home from London on Dec 21. We will raise a toast to you all on Christmas day. Margaret, December 2012.

First I would like to commend you on supplying the most flavoursome meats I've tasted since the local butchers shut its doors some fifteen years ago. We’ve found all the meats provided to be far superior to that available in the supermarkets (in fact we bought some taste the difference bacon recently, which we found to be very salty and the rashers shrunk to a third of there [sic] original size. Never again!).Taste the real difference, try Eversfield organic.Wishing everyone at Eversfield Farm a wonderful Christmas and Prosperous New Year. Leigh, December 2012.

That's really great service, thanks so much for customizing my meat box on this occasion. Won't be asking for that all the time just have family coming that weekend and I know they'll be expecting ham! It will give me an opportunity [to] talk about your meat boxes at the dinner table. Jenna, November 2012.

Dear Anna, Eversfield organic, and Anna in particular, went over and above the standard customer service, when they facilitated delivery of their fantastic meat to our holiday location of a remote Scottish island. The island which has a population of less than 20 and has no store, is accessed from the mainland by a four times a week ferry, which can take up to 4 hours to get there.
Quality meat is a luxury seldom appreciated by us in such a remote location, but due to Anna's persistence, she not only found a way for it to get there, but it also arrived on the appointed day - no mean feat to such a destination! Congratulations - great meat, great persistence, great service.
Lisa, August 2012.

Our order arrived on Wednesday as arranged, beautifully packed and in very smart packaging. Eversfield will now be our meat supplier, all our meat has been very tender and full of flavour, we will definitely recommend you to others. Will look forward to our next order. Thank you. J Abrams, Bristol, August 2012.

Received on Wednesday as arranged. Very pleased with your service so far. Have tried the lambs liver already and was amazed by the taste and texture. Look forward to trying the other products. Best Regards P Cornish, July 2012.

The meat is fantastic. Eversfield are now our meat supplier. Very much looking forward to the venison season and will be placing another large order when we return from holiday. The Godden family, July 2012.

I am extremely grateful and have been delighted with the service (and the quality of the meat) at Eversfield. D Cottle, April 2012.

My order arrived this am today as promised. I must say that the whole delivery of meat 'looks' fantastic! I have been buying organic meat for about 15 years and I have stayed loyal to 2 farms. I am so pleased I looked for a change- I am so looking forward to having pork belly this evening (having cut the big joint into smaller pieces as there are just 2 OPAs [sic]) it is cooking just beautifully, so we both anticipate good thing [sic] if the smells from the oven are anything to go by. Jill, April 2012.

Thank you so much for the Venison Stock Bones, I have the most amazing stock having let them simmer in the AGA all night. Meat fab and will order again next week. Thank you for your excellent service and thank the butcher for my meaty bones. Sandi, February 2012.

Just to say thanks for my order of venison. The service was great and the meat was delicious. Will definitely recommend you to others. Kate, February 2012.

The meat box has gone down really well with us so far. Delivery was great and the packaging ideal to keep it cool all day till my boyfriend could bring it home and put it in the freezer! Donna, January 2012.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know again that your produce is the finest I have tasted and I recommended it to my brother who has just received his first box and is equally delighted. I hope you continue to produce meat of this quality for many years to come! Gary Sheppard, November 2011.

The meat is truly delicious! I look forward to my next order! Roz, December 2011.

Diced pork: This was the sweetest pork I have ever tasted. A truly delicious value for money product. Jane Sargeant, 2009.

These herby pork burgers are lovely! I wasn't sure at first whether I would like them but they are delicious - well done Eversfield [for] introducing me to these through one of your special boxes. I would not have tried them otherwise. Amy, May 2008.

Mmmm, Devon'ish: Yum yum. Best bacon butties for a very long time. Will order double next time. Anonymous, October 2008.

Now I remember.....why I love lamb so much. Your lamb reminds me of the lamb we used to have when I was [a] child staying on a sheep farm in Wales. Beautifully sweet and tender. Anonymous, October 2008.

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