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Our Values

Why buy from Eversfield Organic?

Eversfield Organic is the home of our award-winning organic farm. The quality and taste of our meat is carried from our Devon fields to your plate creating the most convenient way to enjoy tasty succulent meat produced to the highest animal welfare standards. The Eversfield quality is maintained throughout the process by hanging the meat on site to develop its flavour before it is butchered by our skilled team and shipped to your door.

You will always have good meat when you need it

We deliver our meat anywhere in the mainland UK. Order online or over the telephone and your meat will arrive chilled and ready to cook or freeze. If you order our monthly meat box you will never have to worry about running out of meat.

Our belief

We believe that the best quality meat should be affordable to all and be part of home cooking. Our online butchery has some very reasonable prices. It is possible to order one our themed Butcher’s Choice selection boxes or custom make your own. We are very eager to offer something for everyone and are pleased to be able to offer products appropriate for a range of dietary requirements. It’s possible to order individual products which are suitable for those with a gluten intolerance or people following the Paleo Diet, but it is also possible to order an Organic Gluten Free Meat Box and a Paleo Diet Meat Box.

It’s fantastic meat

All of the organic beef, pork and lamb is farmed by ourselves or derives from one of the local farms which supply us. We have carefully selected our poultry farm to ensure that it meets the high standards we set.

You can be assured that the meat which you receive will be of the highest quality as like ourselves, the farms which supply us must be certified by the Soil Association or Organic Farmers and Growers.

The wild game which comes off of our farm and neighbouring farms is lean and perfect for those following the Paleo Diet. All our animals live outside, eating the luscious organic grass which is extremely important as they are all grass fed and not finished off on any grains or cereals, ensuring a high omega-3 content. The taste of the meat is determined by the quality of the animal’s life and diet.

We hang the lamb and pork for a minimum of one week and the beef for a minimum of 28 days in our butchery to ensure the meat is tender and has the best flavour. Our butchers use traditional hand tools and skills to produce the various cuts of meat.

A large amount of choice

We offer organic beef, pork, lamb, poultry and wild game in various cuts and weights. To ensure that you have a constant supply of meat, you can set up a repeat order. The small, medium and large selection boxes are available on a repeat only basis, however you can select for the other Butcher’s Choice boxes or your very own custom made box to become a repeat option.

Everyone at Eversfield Organic is happy to help you with your order and ensure that it meets your personal requirements and tastes. If you have any enquiries, please ring us on 01837 871400 or email us at

Our passion

Our meat is more tender and delicious than any other organic supplier. We are a pioneering online meat shop and we work with our customers to ensure you receive the best meat and produce you will ever taste.

Packaged with love

Our meat travels very little as it only leaves the farm for the local abattoir. The same applies to meat and poultry coming from our suppliers' farms. This means our meat is far fresher than meat coming from the supermarkets.

We vacuum pack the meat and send it to you in foam lined recycled cardboard boxes. All of the boxes contain ice packs to ensure that the meat stays chilled during the delivery process. The foam liners and ice packs ensure that the contents of the box stays at fridge temperature for 36 hours so you can be assured that your meat will arrive in excellent condition.

It’s all fresh

This means that you can decide whether to keep your meat chilled or whether to freeze it. Must cuts are fine in the fridge for up to a week however sausages and chicken have a much shorter shelf life. Freezing is a great way to store the meat for up to six months.

Our Customer Service

100% of our attention is focused on our customers. Our team at Eversfield will happily answer any of your queries and make buying from us an enjoyable shopping experience. We will go out of our way to make sure that our deliveries reach our customers. The BBC news article on our 2010 Christmas delivery in the snow proved the extent to which our team goes to ensure our customers’ boxes arrive on time. We would love to hear from you so telephone us on 01837 871400 or write to us at

Our awards

Eversfield Organic Good Chicken Award Compassion in World Farming
Eversfield Organic, Meat Boxes, Monthly Delivery, Home Delivery, Lamb, Steak
Eversfield Organic, meat box delivery, monthly meat box, quality meat, wild game
Eversfield Organic Food and Drink Devon Gold Award 2012- Meat delivered to your
Great Taste Awards Gold
Eversfield Organic Taste of the West Gold Award 2015
2015 Food and Drink Devon - Silver Award - Beef Steak Mince and Lamb Loin Chops
2015 Food and Drink Devon - Gold Award - Rib Eye Steak
2016 TOTW Highly Commended - Organic Unsmoked Back Bacon
2016 TOTW Silver - Organic Chicken Breast Boneless and Skinless
Taste of The West 2016 - Gold Award - Lamb Loin Chops and Beef Sirloin Steaks
BOOM Awards 2016 Winner - Rib Eye Steak

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