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Spinach Risotto For All

Organic Veg Recipe with Organic Pancetta


Spinach & Lemon Risotto for all!


 Whether you are powered by plants or fueled with organic meats, this mouthwatering recipe has it all. Pick your favourite and tuck in!


Serves 4


100g Spinach

Handful of fresh parsley

Zest & juice of half a lemon

1 Onion

½ tsp Nutmeg

½ tsp Oregano

400g Carnaroli risotto rice

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

700ml Chicken or vegetable stock/broth

70g Pancetta (for meat-eaters)

150g Cream cheese (for veggies)

100g Rocket (for vegans)


Gently heat the stock or broth. Blanch the spinach and parsley in the stock for 30 seconds until bright green. Remove with a slotted spoon and place in a blender/food processor. Add 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp water and a pinch of salt, then blend until smooth. Set aside.

In a deep frying pan, add 2 tbsp olive oil, a pinch of salt & pepper, the oregano and nutmeg, and turn on to a medium heat. Slice your onion and add to the pan. When the onion is just starting to caramelize, add the risotto rice. Fry for 10 mins, stirring often to assure the rice doesn’t stick or burn.

Add the lemon juice and zest, then pour in your stock/broth from before. Stir well. Cook until the rice still has a slight bite, but no chalky-ness. Then…

For vegans: Stir in your spinach puree from before and plate up straight away. Serve with an extra squeeze of lemon juice and a handful of rocket leaves on top.

For veggies: Stir in your spinach puree from before and serve with a large blob of ricotta, mascarpone or your favourite cream cheese on top. Add an extra sprinkling of black pepper and squidge of lemon juice.

For meat eaters: In a separate pan, add 1 tbsp olive oil and turn on high heat. Chop your pancetta into your preferred size pieces and fry until crisp. Stir in your spinach puree from before into the rice pan, bowl up and sprinkle your pancetta pieces on top.

For all: Enjoy!

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