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Our background

Eversfield Organic is a 450 acre family-run organic farm nestling deep in the heart of the Devon countryside on the edge of Dartmoor. The family had held a lifelong ambition to own a small estate in the heart of the country.

The Eversfield Organic team wanted to change the blueprint for the newly expanded estate and set about creating a model organic farm from scratch, complete with plans for a state of the art fully EU-licensed cutting plant. This ensured that the ´Eversfield quality´ was maintained throughout the process: from farming our organic livestock through to hanging the meat on site to develop the flavour; and from the all-important skilled butchery to the packaging and shipping of customers’ orders.

Under the aegis of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme the family began work on a long term programme to restore the traditional Devon landscape. The old orchards that are an important feature of all Devon farms have been replanted; miles of hedgerow have been re-established; the woods have been cleared of their scrubby undergrowth; 30,000 new trees have been planted; and the Culm grasslands and lowland hay meadows have been returned to their natural state, maintained with a strict grazing regime. Full organic status from the Soil Association was achieved in 2004.

Our organic meat

Organic farming works best when original, native breeds of livestock are kept. Eversfield Organic’s team selected the best livestock breeds which when combined with traditional organic farming methods produces the very best quality meat.

Our organic beef

Our Eversfield beef is regularly sourced from the farm and is dark and deeply marbled with supreme flavour having been hung for a minimum of 28 days. We have a unique herd of 'heritage' Aberdeen Angus because we feel there is something very special about their temperament and the excellent quality of their meat. They are wonderfully stocky, hardy cows that thrive on the species-rich rough grazing 'Culm' grasslands. As the only farm in the world with the near extinct 'Prestige' bloodline of traditional native Aberdeen Angus, we have an active breeding programme to make sure that this important line is saved for posterity.

We also have a herd of traditional Herefords. These are renowned for their succulence and flavour and their unique ability to produce top quality beef naturally from grass. They are one of Britain’s finest native beef breeds and being reared on our fine grassland, they are excelling, producing wonderfully succulent and tender meat.

Our Devon cattle are another traditional breed with a fine heritage. Gentle creatures with a docile temperament, they cause minimum damage to grasslands where they perform excellently, producing beautifully marbled and succulent meat.

All our cattle are on a 100% grass-fed diet. This ensures their meat is lean and higher in healthy fats such as omega-3. They are able to roam the vast ‘Culm’ grasslands throughout most of the year. We hang all beef on the bone for a minimum of at least 28 days in ideal chilled conditions allowing the meat to take a full hanging process. By hanging beef for a long period of time it ensures natural enzymes can break down to an extent where flavours are concentrated and the product becomes tender in texture. We ensure the whole range of our beef is beautifully marbled and contains very rich flavours which are better developed through the 100% grass-fed diet. Overall, Eversfield organic beef is guaranteed to have great flavours and textures whilst providing fantastic nutritional values.

To the extent that we source beef from elsewhere (we have seven farms which supply beef and lamb specifically for us), our vetting procedure is stringent: our suppliers must share the same ethos as us, with locality, breed (they have only the same breeds as us), good animal welfare, organic status and a 100% grass-fed diet being critical.

All our cattle travel to our local abattoir in a very stress-free way and then are brought back to the farm for hanging and butchering.

Our organic lamb

Eversfield lamb is born and reared on our farm from a flock of mixed sheep comprising Romney Marsh (the same breed used for New Zealand lamb) and Suffolk Cross Mules. This type of sheep is ideally suited to forage the lowland meadows and Culm grasslands of the farm and live outdoors year round only coming inside for lambing. Our spring lamb is available from July onwards having been allowed to suckle for an extended period before weaning gently on to grass around four months.

Our organic pork

In March 2007 the family rescued a group of pigs from a local farmer who was giving up on pig farming. The pigs were destined for slaughter until we took the characteristically ´brave´ step of taking on pig farming at a time when many were leaving pig production due to the high costs of feed and relatively low returns.

The pig herd is now well and truly established with a breeding group of Sows and one very happy albeit busy boar! The pigs are a mixture of Large White and Medam sows with Large Black sows all renowned for producing quality pork. Our pigs live outdoors in large fenced-off meadows, and are allowed to forage naturally and root about for grubs and plants. We supplement their diet with organic feed and they have large pig arc shelters to protect them from the sun, wind and rain. Our pigs are an important part of the rotation of our organic pastures. The farm now has a regular supply of superb award winning organic pork, bacon, sausages and joints, all carefully prepared by our butchers and packed here on site. Here at Eversfield we are able to ensure everything is well cared for, from rearing the animals to our team cutting and packaging each individual product.

Wood Green Farm is situated in the Devon countryside outside of Crediton. Chris prides himself in producing top quality chickens. The organic chickens roam around the luscious Devon pastures. They forage around for insects and grubs and they are also fed a supplementary diet of GM free organic corn. Our skilled butchers can prepare chicken to order as whole roasting chickens, chicken drumsticks, chicken breasts or diced for casserole dishes.

Wonnacott Farm is run by the Yells family and is tucked away in the Devon countryside. The Yells have their own breeding flock of Norfolk Black Turkeys which is a traditional slow-growing breed renowned for quality. The turkeys enjoy a home-grown mix of organic cereals but they also forage for themselves for acorns, stinging nettles, docks and blackberries. In December the turkeys don’t have the stress of travelling anywhere else: they are killed and plucked entirely by hand on the farm.

Eversfield Organic non-organic wild venison and wild game

Our famers manage the wild red deer and roe deer to ensure conservation standards. We also shoot pheasant on the farm from 1st October-1st February. This means that our butchers are able to supply wild fresh pheasant in the winter months and frozen from fresh pheasant during the summer months. We supply fresh venison all year round as there is always one type of deer in season. The wild deer make their home on our organic farm grazing in our meadows and woodland, but since we don’t control their diet we cannot describe the meat as organic venison.

Our awards

Eversfield Organic Good Chicken Award Compassion in World Farming
Eversfield Organic, Meat Boxes, Monthly Delivery, Home Delivery, Lamb, Steak
Eversfield Organic, meat box delivery, monthly meat box, quality meat, wild game
Eversfield Organic Food and Drink Devon Gold Award 2012- Meat delivered to your
Great Taste Awards Gold
Eversfield Organic Taste of the West Gold Award 2015
2015 Food and Drink Devon - Silver Award - Beef Steak Mince and Lamb Loin Chops
2015 Food and Drink Devon - Gold Award - Rib Eye Steak
2016 TOTW Highly Commended - Organic Unsmoked Back Bacon
2016 TOTW Silver - Organic Chicken Breast Boneless and Skinless
Taste of The West 2016 - Gold Award - Lamb Loin Chops and Beef Sirloin Steaks
BOOM Awards 2016 Winner - Rib Eye Steak

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