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Dave's Spaghetti & Meatballs

organic beef meatballs and tomato sauce recipe 


A classic staple in his household, Dave makes a big batch of rich tomato sauce and freezes it so he can easily whip up a batch in no time with fresh pasta and a skillet of our organic beef meatballs.


Serves 4

Cooking time: 45 minutes




336g organic beef meatballs

184g Roam & Relish smoked streaky bacon

1 onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced

500g tomatoes, chopped and sieved or 400g tinned tomatoes

100ml red wine

Fresh oregano, leaves roughly chopped

Handful fresh basil

Parmesan, grated to serve (optional)





  1. In a large frying pan heat a small amount of olive oil and fry the meatballs for 5 minutes over a medium high heat until golden all over. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  2. Cut the bacon into small strips or chunks and fry in the pan you used for the meatballs, no need to add extra oil, but do reduce the heat to render the fat down without burning.
  3. When the bacon is golden and crisp, add the onions and garlic and fry over a low heat for 34 minutes until soft. Add the red wine, oregano and tomatoes and simmer for at least 25 minutes until reduced and thickened.
  4. Meanwhile, cook your pasta, fresh or dried, as per the pack instructions.
  5. Return the meatballs to the pan with the sauce and heat through. Stir through half the fresh basil.
  6. Drain the pasta, serve into bowls and pile with meatballs and tomato sauce, sprinkling with the extra basil and cheese if you choose!


Beef Meatballs | Fresh Organic Beef
  • Min life 7 Days
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
Roam & Relish, Smoked Streaky Bacon | Organic Smoked Bacon
  • Min life 20 days
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
Onions 500g
  • From Great Britain
  • Organic
Dried Garlic 2 Bulbs
  • Organic
Vine Tomatoes
  • Organic
  • From Great Britain
  • Organic

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