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Organic Turkey Crown
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Organic Turkey Crown

Organic Turkey Crown

A delicious organic turkey crown. The very best quality Heritage turkey, ensuring a moist and flavoursome centre piece for your Christmas Lunch! These delicious organic turkeys are fed on a mixture of home grown cereals and they love to go foraging for themselves in the pasture rich meadows. They are then hung for two weeks to develop their flavour and texture.

The legs will be removed, so it's just the wings and the white breast meat of the turkey.

Turkey size guide-

3-4kg - approx servings 4-6

  • Min life 7 Days
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
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  • This item is only available for deliveries from 20th – 23rd December
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Our Bronze turkeys are slow-grown and carefully reared on the Malseed family farm on lush Dartmoor pasture.

The turkeys are reared using traditional farming methods and are allowed to mature slowly over several months. They are fed on a healthy diet consisting of organic cereals and natural ingredients with no additives or growth promoters, then finished on local oats to provide an excellent taste and marbling. They even drink Dartmoor spring water!

Our organic turkeys are clever birds and need a lot of entertainment so are kept busy with toys to play with, as well as lots of pasture to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh Devonshire air.

A delicious fresh home grown organic turkey- free to roam and forage around in luscious fields.

To make sure your meat is as fresh as it can be, be sure to refrigerate as soon as it arrives at your door.

We support free-range birds, so take it out of the box and remove from the bag. This ensures air can circulate around the centrepiece.

Next, remove giblets from the bird, ensuring you store the meat and giblets separately in the fridge on clean plates.

Lastly, be sure to set your fridge to 1-3 degrees to keep your bird perfectly chilled! This may however affect other produce in your fridge.

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