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Fun Easter Recipes

Fun Easter Recipes


Right now, your organic online grocery box may be full of Sunday roast dinner essentials and chocolate covered gifts. But we think there is still room for some fun Easter recipes to top off the bank holiday weekend. From making Easter Nests with the family on Good Friday with Cocoa Loco’s chocolate treats, to mixing up some spring cocktails such as G&T, Vibrant Sunrise and Summer Berry Fizz on Easter Sunday, we’ve got something for everyone. Be sure to save room for Easter Monday with our Spring Stew Leftovers recipe too!


Easter recipes spring stew organic grass-fed beef and lamb


Easter Nests

A modern Easter classic, these chocolate nests are all the yumminess without the hassle. No-bake goodness and packed full of organic chocolate – sounds good to us. Here’s a simple recipe to try with the family this Easter weekend.


To make 10 nests, you’ll need:


cocoa loco organic milk chocolate hen Easter nests recipe


What to do:

  1. Firstly, lay a sheet of clingfilm over a muffin tray and gently press into each hole.
  2. Next, crumble the granola into a mixing bowl.
  3. Chop up the chocolate in small chunks and place into a bowl over a sauce pan of simmering water. Add the butter and the syrup.
  4. Making sure the bowl isn’t touching the water, melt the ingredients together.
  5. Once it’s all melted, remove the bowl from the pan and pour over the granola. Mix this together well.
  6. Fill the clingfilm covered muffin holes with the mixture and lightly dent in the centre with the back of the spoon. Think of making a little ‘nest’ shape.
  7. Allow the nests to cool before removing from the tray and adding each to a cupcake case.
  8. Finally, top each nest with its own Easter themed decoration.


Spring Cocktails

In the hopes that the sun will be shining come Easter weekend, it’s time to start planning your garden party refreshments! If all goes to plan with the easing of lockdown restrictions, we could be allowed to host up to 6 guests in our gardens from the 29th March. With a curb on socialising over the previous year, the pressure is on to produce the tastiest treats. Why not try one of these seasonal cocktail recipes to spice up your celebrations?


Rose G&T

A simple tipple that accompanies the sunshine wonderfully. All you need is a bottle of Tinkture Rose Gin, Twelve Below Classic Tonic and a handful of organic strawberries. Measure out the gin (we’ll have a double please) and pour in the tonic, garnishing with the strawberries. A sure crowd-pleaser.


gin and tonic recipe organic gin tinkture rose


Vibrant Sunrise

Although you’re more likely to drink this one at sundown, the combination of citrus flavours makes this a winner at any time of day. To make 4-6 delicious cocktails you’ll need:


All you need to do for a delicious cocktail is muddle the blood orange in a large shaker, then add the gin, lemon, lime and agave. Simply add ice, shake and pour over more ice and finish with the garnish.


Summer Berry Fizz

Nothing says celebration like a bottle of organic prosecco. Go one step further this Easter with a Summer Berry Fizz cocktail. For 4-6 cocktails brimming with seasonal berries, you’ll need:


And for finishing the drink, you’ll need:


Making this cocktail is a little more complex, so we’ve laid out the following steps:

  1. Crush the raspberries, strawberries, lemon zest and sugar in a bowl. Add the vanilla pod and mix well. Leave the mixture for around 2 hours.
  2. Cover the mixed fruit with the vodka and mix again. Cover and chill for around 3 days or until needed. This is the perfect recipe for Good Friday morning, with the cocktail mix ready for Easter Sunday evening.
  3. Strain the vodka mix through a fine sieve and dispense into a large bottle.
  4. Pour a measure of the vodka into a tall glass, add the garnishing and top with a helping of prosecco. Finish with a handful of ice.



Easter Roast Leftovers Recipe

For the second Easter in a row, we’re not able to have the big family celebration that we’d have hoped for. With the dinner table a little emptier than usual, you may find yourself with more leftovers than planned. Whether you plumped for grass-fed beef or organic lamb as your Easter centrepiece, this adaption of our new spring stew is a delightful idea.


Easter 2021 leftovers recipe organic food


For this organic stew recipe, you’ll need:


This simple 3-step recipe is as follows:

  1. Add the veg and garlic into a frying pan laced with oil and heat until it all softens.
  2. Move the contents of the pan into a large saucepan and add the potatoes, herbs and beef stock. Cook until the potatoes begin to release some starch (be sure to remove this).
  3. Add the chopped leftover meat and continue to cook for an additional 25 minutes over a low heat. Season and serve.



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