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From happy customer to happy employee!


Why I love Organic produce


Many of you will have spoken to our lovely Sue by now. Sue used to be a customer (and still is of course!) so we asked her a bit about how she found us, why she loves organic food and what makes Eversfield Organic special for her.


Where did you first see Eversfield Organic?


Dr Google was my go to, and how lucky I am to have found them straight away!


What made you choose Eversfield Organic over other companies?


I felt Eversfield just ‘got me’ if that’s possible for an organic food company? Right away the product I wanted appeared (Spaghetti Squash), so I knew from that moment it was fate. The straightforward website layout, the wide selection available, the ease of ordering and then all topped off with a little ‘can we help you?’ box popping up…what more could I have wanted? I took full advantage of the ‘can we help you?’ box and had a marvellous conversation with what I presumed to be a chatbot agent (turns out it was Charlie the sales manager – my now boss!) I felt like I’d known Charlie years, however in reality I’d never met him and we were chatting about vegetables over a website I’d been on 10minutes. I couldn’t help but want to work for Eversfield, I told the chatbot (Charlie) this and he suggested I sent in my CV.


Why do you feel organic is important?


It’s no secret that as a nation we eat a lot of innutritious food, this is something I’ve always been very conscious to avoid. It wasn’t until I had a near fatal accident where I had the surgeons comment on how well my skin healed that I truly realised what organic food does for you! Since making a recovery from the accident (11 operations in total) I feel very passionate about not only eating well but also getting others to realise the importance of being aware of what you eat.


How would you describe Eversfield Organic to others looking for organic food deliveries?


Since visiting the farm, I’ve tried telling everyone I meet about Eversfield Organic due to seeing how the animals on the farm are treated. The whole team are dedicated and passionate people who want to implement the benefits of organic farming on the animals and their customers. As great as it is that organic produce is getting more recognised, the sad reality is that the vast majority of the produce comes from huge organisations out of trading estates…not exactly what I picture when it says ‘organic’! Eversfield endorse ‘Pasture Fed for Life’ and are certified with PFLA, which quite simply means exactly what it says and reinforces what Eversfield Organic promote and stand for. There is a sweet spot that seems to be missing in a lot of farming reports and articles, farming done the right way can be good and there is a secret mix that makes not only the animals but also the land and consumers healthy. This secret sweet spot is being PFLA and organic, due to the good fats in the meat, the lack of chemicals entering the ground and the life the animals get to lead.


How did you find staff training at the farm? What were your favourite moments?


What a fabulous way to learn about the company! The day had all the right content I needed to know. I got to see where the animals are reared, where they get to live in the winter as well as the hay & silage they eat through the colder months. This was all then followed by getting the chance to observe extremely skilled butchers preparing the meat…again right here on the farm! I mustn’t forget to mention the packing room, where the two most lovely ladies were getting  all the boxes ready to be sent off to our marvellous customers. Seeing first-hand the animals, the butchery, then the packing all happening on the farm was a brilliant experience. I felt I knew fully the knowledge of the products, as well as having in depth sales training. The real icing on the cake was that we were warmly invited to stay with the Bury family in their own house. They looked after us so well and Emily(Mark’s wife) cooked us some fabulous food (all from the farm of course) the topside of beef that Mark BBQed for us was off the scale, I’ve had a delivery of some topside of beef from Eversfield this morning…Just got to live up to Mark’s barbequing skills now! Their dogs Poppy and Heidi topped off my stay and I must admit I didn’t want to leave. 


What are your top picks in the range?


For me it would have to be the beef. I feel everyone would understand me when I say I was wholeheartedly sick of going to a supermarket for a piece of beef and hoping that it would not be tough. On a scale between 1-10 I would say supermarket beef rates at a 2, it is usually tough or often it’s both! Now to be able to order a nice piece of meat as a centre piece for our table is a delight…oh also we now have carrots that taste like…Carrots!

Food & Drink Devon - Gold 2018
Great Taste 2018 - 1 star
GT Organic Beef Sirloin Steak award - 2014
TOTW Champion 2018
TOTW Gold Award - 2018
Boom winner award - 2016 (65px)
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