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Merry October!

Wednesday, 03 October

We know it may be a little early to start thinking about that time of year, but our Christmas shop is now open! Take the stress out of Christmas and reserve your organic turkey or organic goose now. Don’t leave it until the last minute, do future-you a favour and plan your festive food early...
Organic Turkey, Organic Goose for ChristmasRead more
Fill Your (Coffee) Beans

Thursday, 20 September

Introducing our range of fresh, organic coffee from the south Devon based, local coffee gurus; Owens Coffee Roasters. From us here at the farm, you can now order your morning mug of fresh, roasted coffee to start your day the organic way. We have 5 different blends to suit every taste bud out...
Organic, fair trade, sustainable coffee.Read more
Organic September

Thursday, 13 September

What’s Organic September all about?   “Every time we choose to buy an organic product we’re voting for a better food system. I find it impossible to be 100% organic, but I do trade up whenever I can. If we can all start to re-address what we buy, cook and eat, gradually buying better and...
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Back To School

Wednesday, 05 September

Did your little ones head back to school this morning? Perhaps it was their first day in the brand new world of school! Either way, a good packed lunch is key to keep them going, help them make new friends, learn new things and explore new places. We have put together our selection of...
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Marinated Meatiness

Thursday, 30 August

Fancy your organic meat with a little more zing? Need some spice on your plate? We are now selling our very own marinated organic meats. Organic sweet & smoky minute steaks, organic beef fajita strips and organic hot & smoky beef rump steaks. These are our classic organic beef cuts that...
Spiced Organic Grass Fed BeefRead more

Thursday, 23 August

We will be celebrating National Burger Day with a plate stacked full of our Eversfield Organic beef steak burgers. Our burgers are lovingly made here on our family-run farm on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. We use our own grass fed, organic beef in them, and not much else! A little bit of...
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Great British Veg!

Wednesday, 22 August

This week is an exciting week - our veg boxes are filled to the brim with veggies grown here on (and in) home soil! We love it when we can fill our boxes with British veg. There’s nothing quite like the taste of homegrown. The tomatoes feel plumper, the carrots taste sweeter and the mushrooms...
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The Wonky Way

Thursday, 09 August

You may have seen wonky veg beginning to make an appearance in supermarkets, because they have began to realise that people don’t mind what it looks like, as long as it tastes good. However, all organic veg is wonky veg and has always been a part of what we do here on the farm.   Organic...
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Home-baked brilliance.

Monday, 06 August

There’s nothing quite like a home baked loaf or cake, fresh out of the oven. Watching it rise and become golden brown in the heat, turning it out of the tin and waiting for what seems like forever for that first taste of your very own creation. We are now stocking a range of organic flours and...
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Bread Glorious Bread.

Friday, 27 July

Excitingly enough, we are now stocking Baker Tom’s sliced bread. We think it’s the best thing since average sliced bread. All the freshness, flavour and crunch without the hassle of trying to cut the perfect piece, not too thin, not too thick. Tom’s bread is handcrafted the traditional way...
Fresh baked, organic, artisan breadRead more
Let's talk beef.

Tuesday, 24 July

Our beef is pasture fed, the way we believe it should be. Our cows spend these summer months grazing our organic fields, and in the winter they’re in our large, airy barns with the hay, haylage and silage we’ve collected and dried for them throughout the year. The digestive system of a cow is...
Organic, Grass-Fed Beef for home deliveryRead more
What to do with all that WoolCool!

Wednesday, 11 July

Our WoolCool insulation does a fabulous job keeping your organic groceries chilled and fresh all the way from our farm to your door. But what do you do after all your goodies are all tidied away? We’ve had a lot of inventive ideas from our wonderful customers, so we wanted to share them all in...
Environmentally-friendly packaging with WoolCoolRead more
Time for turkey!

Monday, 09 July

We all know a Turkey makes a delicious roast. That’s why we traditionally go back to it year after year, at that time where good food matters most. First of all, it’s a big bird! There’s a lot of white meat and dark meat to feed the whole family, and when cooked well, it’s a moist and...
Organic Turkey & Chicken RecipesRead more
What's the fuss about ferments?

Wednesday, 04 July

There’s a lot of talk about the virtues of fermented food, but what is it and why should we be putting it on our plates?   What is fermentation? Fermentation is a totally natural process and it’s happening in nature all the time. As humans, we’ve been harnessing the nutritional value of...
Hurly Burly Fermented Raw SlawRead more
Smoking like the Scots do...

Monday, 18 June

A Family Affair...   Introducing our new range of organic smoked fish and pâtés  Our expert smokers, Robert and Rosie Campbell-Preston started Inverawe Smokehouses back in 1974 in far-flung Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland.   While the rest of the world becomes evermore hectic, Robert...
Inverawe Organic Scottish Smoked SalmonRead more
New organic pâtés - made in Devon!

Friday, 01 June

Enjoy luxuriously smooth pâté...from pâté perfectionist, Thomas Pyman.Made just down the road, these incredibly moreish organic pâtés are made from the finest organic chicken livers and carefully selected flavours.For something sweeter try Tom's Chicken Liver Pâté with Brandy and...
Organic Pyman's Chestnut Mushroom PateRead more
Meet our Customer Care team!

Friday, 27 April

For those who have collected their box from our farm, you’ll know our office is a pretty small operation. You’ll find us hidden away above our butchery and packing room, with everything from finance and operations to purchasing and marketing taken care of in our busy farm hub.   As one of our...
Organic Meat and Groceries - Customer ServiceRead more
Lambing: Week One

Tuesday, 10 April

First steps, surprise twins and field days     Well, hasn’t it been a week! Our farmyard had been a hive of activity, throughout the day and night, our springtime lambs certainly don’t mind appearing in the wee hours! Having started lambing just before Easter, around half our Poll Dorset and...
Organic lamb - Spring LambRead more
Boost your vitamin D-elicious

Wednesday, 28 March

Our Sunshine Shopping List Not reknowned for our sunny climes, us Brits can sometimes struggle to get all the vitamin D our body needs to protect bones, teeth and muscle, as well as our mental health, it is thought. But when overcast skies rule superior, how do we keep our bodies topped up...
Organic fish, eggs and offal - high vitamin DRead more
Who is Mr Organic?

Friday, 16 March

He’s a trio! Made up of friends, Valerio, Kostas and Carlo back in 2009, the three chaps wanted to bring positive change to our food system. Not only did they dream of organic food, but also of a production system that respects nature and those who depend on it.   It all began three...
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