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Why you should choose organic chicken

Wednesday, 19 August

Intensively reared, Free-range and Organic Chicken... What's the difference? It’s well known that free-range chickens are more fortunate than intensively reared caged chickens, but what if you could do even better? Well we have the answer… you can! Compelling scientific research from PFLA shows...
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Composting with our Market Gardener

Tuesday, 11 August

Rain, Sunshine, Soil We’ve been talking to our Market Gardener, Laura Spring, about the importance of composting on our organic farm, but also on a small scale for the home or allotment gardener. This week is National Allotment Week, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some of...
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Dartmoor Explore - Mountains for the Mind

Monday, 27 July

Saturday 25th July saw the first free guided walk from the team at Dartmoor Explore. Based in the heart of beautiful Dartmoor they provide a selection of outdoor adventures on the moor and beyond. In conjunction with the charity, 'Mountains for the Mind', Dartmoor Explore believe in the power of...
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Updates From The Market Garden

Wednesday, 08 July

Updates From The Market Garden   Our organic tomatoes that were originally sown in early June and have now been potted. These are currently around 10 weeks behind the crop which is in the tunnel and the next stage for these tomatoes will be to plant out in the tunnel in mid July. These will...
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Our Dry-Cured Organic Bacon

Wednesday, 24 June

Our dry-cured, organic bacon is made here on our farm in Devon. We use organic pork from landrace x duroc sows crossed with a large white boar. This perfect mix of the pig breeds creates beautifully diverse organic pork with fatty roasting joints like the pork shoulder, leaner cuts like the...
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Crispy Tofu with Nutritionist Fiona Waring

Thursday, 28 May

Crispy Tofu with Nutritionist Fiona Waring We are excited to start working with local, highly regarded nutrionist and writer Fiona Waring. Her esteemed reputation has been earned through multiple qualifications, decades of experience and impressive client testimonials.  "Passionate about her...
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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Monday, 04 May

All we can say is, wow. What a strange time we're living in. The coronavirus, Covid 19 seems to have a tight grip on the whole world, keeping families and friends apart and yet it's somehow bringing us all closer together. We're valuing conversations more, writing letters, clapping for our...
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How pasture fed can save floods

Tuesday, 25 February

With recent flooding across the country, we can’t help but start questioning what needs to be changed. There are many ways this can be looked at; do our councils need to focus on flood defences? Does the Environment Agency need to give more time to our rivers? Or perhaps we should be asking...
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Thai Chilli Mussels Recipe

Monday, 24 February

  We had a super romantic Valentine’s Day on the beach cooking up Thai Chilli Mussels... 💕Tender, flavoursome mussels in a rich, coconutty broth with spicy and citrusy notes. A perfect dish to warm-your-cockles in Winters stormy weather!  
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This months farm update - Preparing for spring

Thursday, 30 January

With the daffodils trying to make an appearance through the cold January soil, you’d almost start to feel spring might come this year. Here on the farm we are starting to see the signs of spring in a different way, with our beautiful organic Aberdeen Angus cattle starting to show. This means...
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How wool is used to keep our products cool

Friday, 24 January

Here at the farm we are passionate about many things, organic methods being a clear driver of our enthusiasm. Organic farming encompasses many aspects and sustainability is at the true heart of it all, as well as animal welfare. For this reason we feel our packaging should reflect this....
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Get to know - Seed and Bean

Thursday, 02 January

Here at the farm we were delighted to become stockists of Seed and Bean's scrummy organic chocolate. We love being able to have delicious meat and vegetables, however as the business grows we get the chance to to try a wide range of organic products. When the Seed and Bean delights landed on our...
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What is mutton?

Monday, 30 December 2019

What is organic mutton? Mutton seems to be a product that is not very well understood. If you asked the majority of people they'd most likely know it's a product from an organic sheep but not fully undertstand how it's different to organic lamb.  So we thought you might like to know a few...
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Why we love our organic dairy products!

Monday, 02 December 2019

Here at Eversfield Organic we are big fans of our organic dairy suppliers, and we believe if you were able to visit them, you’d see why. We know you understand us when we tell you how irresistible their organic products are but we want you to be able to understand our love for them as a farm,...
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From happy customer to happy employee!

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Many of you will have spoken to our lovely Sue by now. Sue used to be a customer (and still is of course!) so we asked her a bit about how she found us, why she loves organic food and what makes Eversfield Organic special for her.   Where did you first see Eversfield Organic?   Dr Google...
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What is the PFLA?

Friday, 22 November 2019

The Pasture Fed Livestock Association promotes the unique quality of produce raised exclusively on pasture, and the wider environmental and animal welfare benefits that pastured livestock systems represent.    All of our beef and lamb is grass fed, however some of the farmers we work with are...
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Get to know - Frenchbeer Farm

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

If you arrive at our organic farm this week you’ll find it impossible to ignore the fact Christmas is very much here, whether it’s the decorations or the excitement you’ll know it’s time to start planning.   For this reason we want you to meet the hardworking family behind our scrummy...
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Get to know - Baker Tom

Thursday, 07 November 2019

Get to know - Baker Tom   The story behind Baker Tom's bread: Tom Hazzledine was just 23 when he began baking for his local farm shop. It all started with just three loaves baked in his own kitchen and delivered to the shop on the back of his bicycle. Before long, Tom was supplying many more...
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Get to know - Mr Organic

Tuesday, 05 November 2019

Get to know - Mr Organic   At Mr Organic we are positive about our food. We are always mindful of our ingredients and we work closely with our farmers and producers to provide sustainable, wholesome and delicious food that makes people healthy and happy.   Born over a decade ago, the main...
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Get to know - The Real Olive Co.

Wednesday, 09 October 2019

Founded in Bristol almost twenty years ago by Karin Andersson and Ben Flight, The Real Olive Company is dedicated to producing exceptional olives grown in harmony with nature and bursting with Mediterranean goodness that bring moments of sunshine into your life. Working with small scale,...
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